About us

As a congregation of God’s people we began back in the 1970’s. Several families found they could no longer sit under the liberal teachings of the church they had been attending  for many years and having  tried to resolve the issues with their pastor for some months they came to the prayerful conclusion that they would have to leave and so it was that the current congregation was established. 

The folk held to Presbyterian principles and so the congregation they established  followed these biblical principles and continues to do so until the present day. 

Presbyterian not a familiar word these days, but one reasonably easy to explain. In general it identifies us with the historic Protestant Reformation both in England and Europe. More specifically, it describes how our church is governed. Instead of being a “one man band”, we believe in a shared leadership of church officers called elders, one of which is called a preaching elder or minister of the gospel. Finally it stresses the importance of union with other like minded congregations. We are part of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of England and Wales and have links with other Presbyterian denominations throughout Europe and the USA. 

Evangelical  –  We believe in the Bible as the written Word of God, and  as such, we seek to base all our teaching and practice upon it. As a faithful summary of the teaching of the scriptures, we subscribe to the Westminster Confession of Faith which has been the basis of belief for Presbyterians in Britain and abroad for almost 400 years.

Our Message
We preach that men are separated from God by sin, and as such are in a desperate and dangerous state. The only remedy lies in availing ourselves of God’s provision of redemption by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  

The great need of each and every one of us is to submit to the Bible’s verdict of our guilty state before  a holy God, and by repentance and faith in the only saviour of sinners, to call upon almighty God for grace and mercy.  

Only in the good news of the gospel is there a remedy for guilt and the reality of a transformed life by the power of the Holy Spirit.



Our Services
Are traditional in their character with the respect and dignity that befits the worship of God. They are composed of the singing of psalms and hymns, the reading of scripture, prayer and preaching. The sermon is the focal point of every service, being God’s word to us, with all its potential for the transformation of our lives. After the services there is opportunity for conversation and fellowship. During the week there are other opportunities to meet together, in the prayer and bible study, the ladies Fellowship.